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Etisalat Speed Test

Etisalat is the largest telecommunication corporation and the biggest internet hub in the Middle East and Africa. Head Office of Etisalat is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is covering almost 12 million customers in the UAE. Etisalat always comes up with the innovative technological ideas which keep it at number one position among all telecommunication companies in the UAE. Etisalat is currently providing the best internet connection in every corner of the country. With our tool, you can perform the Etisalat speed test which will tell you its actual internet speed.

Etisalat is providing the following services in UAE:

  • Super-fast 3G and 4G+ LTE connection.
  • Internet speed up to 500Mbps.
  • Wireless Network Services Provider.
  • Network Solutions to Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.
  • Mobile Brands Marketing.

Etisalat Internet connection speed:

Etisalat has the time's fast internet connection in the UAE. It is because they have established an extended FTTH (Fiber to the home) network. This network is covering almost 87% of the UAE areas. Due to this network UAE becomes the number one in the fiber-connected countries. Etisalat FTTH network helps the internet speed to reach up to 500 Mbps and it is a super-fast internet fast. Etisalat becomes the number one telecommunication network of UAE in 2011 and it's still leading the rest. We are introducing a tool that will help you to find out that what is the speed that you are actually receiving while using Etisalat internet.

Etisalat speed test using our tool.

Our Internet speed test tool is the best way to measure the speed and quality of your Internet connection. Do you notice that your files are loading slower than usual? Do you feel that the sites you visit are loading slowly? In this case, you can test and measure the properties of your Etisalat Internet connection. With the help of our tool, you can perform the Etisalat speed test.

How to do speed test:

  • Visit our website.
  • Run the Internet Connection Test by clicking the START button.
  • After clicking the button, you must wait until the test is finished
  • After the tests are complete, a report will appear on your screen showing the speed results and also the IP address of the computer for which the tests are performed, the name of the company providing the Internet service etc.

Our tool tests the following things.


Ping tests the average time it takes to send a packet of data to a set of servers at the same time. It should be noted that most of the programs that perform this test measure the time it takes to send a small packet of data (less than 500 bytes).

Download Speed.

The download speed is measured by measuring the amount of data received at a specified time (about 10 sec) and the measurement unit used is Mbps. Download speed is an important factor that affects the quality of the movies being viewed Via the Internet, also affects the speed of downloading various files from the Internet.

Upload Speed.

The upload test measures the data transmission speed in the same way as the load test. This factor (speed of data transmission) is an important and influential factor in sending data to servers as well as sending e-mail, especially messages that contain attachments of large size such as images.

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